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Are You A Good Driver? Do You Want To Find Out?

| Jan 29, 2015 | Car Accidents, Personal Injury |

In various surveys conducted over the years, the percentage of drivers who think they are better than average is roughly 80 percent. Since it is not possible for 80 percent to be better than average, it is clear that many people are not able to accurately judge their driving ability. A phenomenon known as illusory superiority actually makes most people poor judges of their own abilities and virtues in a wide range of endeavors. If you are a bad driver, would the people in your life tell you? How would you know? Could you do more to drive safely and protect yourself and your loved ones? A new opportunity to obtain impartial feedback about your driving ability may be available soon.

OnStar is a service offered in newer vehicles made by General Motors. While the service includes things like stolen vehicle assistance and roadside assistance, it will soon include a service that will allow drivers to seek feedback about how well they drive. The drivers who choose to enroll will receive a driving assessment, discussing their performance in certain driving metrics over a 90-day period. The assessment will include driving tips for how a driver can improve in the areas where he or she performed the worst. 

Getting honest, intelligent feedback on your driving ability is something most people never experience. Ongoing driver education and training is virtually nonexistent in the United States. A driver, once licensed, is assumed to get basically all the training needed by actually driving. Unfortunately, waiting for a speeding ticket or an accident to give you a lesson is a poor way to learn. A serious car accident can cause serious injuries or even death. There should be better ways to learn and improve our driving abilities as a nation than waiting to get injured and trying to figure out what went wrong.

Source: Carrier Management, “OnStar to Offer Driver Feedback,” 15 January 2015 

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