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Discovering asbestos at work is never a good thing in any state

| Jun 16, 2014 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

It’s a common fact that asbestos can cause cancer in human beings. It’s been a fact for so long that most people just assume that their employer has taken the necessary step toward making sure that your work environment is as safe as it can be. But as our Illinois readers will soon see from a case out of another state, this isn’t always the case and employees’ lives could be at risk.

We wanted to present our readers with this case out of another state because it highlights the fact that asbestos can be found anywhere, even in locations we might think would be asbestos free. In this particular case, asbestos-containing insulation was discovered wrapped around pipes in the basement of a police department. According to reports, a technician who was working in the basement noticed what he believed to be the disease-causing powder of degraded asbestos. He immediately alerted the department about the possible health concern.

Though the police department says that the asbestos-containing material is not a health concern in its present state and would only become an issue if it was disturbed, some of the employees who work in the building aren’t so sure.

As was pointed out by a state delegate on the matter, many employees and contractors often go into the basement area to do work. There are concerns that some of the asbestos may have been tracked into other areas of the building and could have gotten on items that are used every day by other employees. It’s because of this concern for worker health that a complaint has been filed with the Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Department.

Even though this is happening far from residents here in Madison County, it may still concern some of our readers who know that situations such as this can happen in any state. And because asbestos is so dangerous to human health, our readers also know how important it will be to remedy this situation as quickly as possible.

Source: The Progress, “Asbestos in police basement causes concern,” Jake Remaly, June 16, 2014

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