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Young people riding ATVs injured in crash near Troy

| May 31, 2013 | Personal Injury |

When the weather cooperates, many people throughout Madison County enjoy jumping on their all terrain vehicles and going for a ride. Such vehicles allow riders to explore parts of the area that are otherwise not accessible via other modes of transportation such as cars or bicycles. While in many cases ATV excursions are uneventful, and all involved return safely, sometimes crashes occur.

Earlier this month four individuals were injured when the two ATVs they were riding collided outside of Troy. Each vehicle had two passengers. One was occupied by an 11-year-old who was driving, and transporting a 19-year-old passenger. The other was driven by an 18-year-old. That person’s passenger was 15-years-old.

According to authorities, the crash occurred when one of the vehicles was rear ended by the other. It is not clear what caused the first ATV to stop. Though the nature of the injuries suffered is not known, all four individuals were taken to area hospitals where it was not believed that their lives were threatened.

After an injury producing accident involving motor vehicles of any type occurs, it is not uncommon for those who are injured to explore the option of filing a civil personal injury lawsuit. Such lawsuits are filed against individuals or entities when it is believed that negligence on their part is to blame for the accident. As is the case with most any legal matter, the process can be long and complex. This is particularly true when the individual named as defendant is a friend.

Depending on the severity of injuries suffered in the crash, some people find that it is still worth it to file the lawsuit. When successful, the financial damages recovered can be helpful in covering the expenses that accrue as a result of being injured.

Source: KTVI, “4 Injured In ATV Accident In Madison County,” May 6, 2013

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