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Widow files mesothelioma suit after death of plumber husband

| Mar 11, 2013 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

A woman has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of her late husband, whom she said died in 2011 as a result of mesothelioma. The woman is suing the plumbing company that employed her husband for several years. The woman originally filed a suit against dozens of companies a month before her husband died, but that suit has since been disposed of.

The man, who was 83 when he died, had multiple dangerous jobs: he also worked as a firefighter for more than 30 years. However, it is the plumbing company that is the focus of his widow’s lawsuit. In fact, the incidents in question happened so long ago that the original company no longer exists in the same form. While the company has been in business in some form for about 90 years, the current business only came into being in the mid-1980s.

The suit alleges that the plumbing company and a sister parts company — which no longer exists as an active corporation — exposed the man to asbestos in such settings as shipyards, mills, refineries and other industrial sites. It says the company was negligent because it failed to warn its employees about the dangerous conditions.

A case like this serves to demonstrate the importance of an experienced mesothelioma and lung cancer attorney. The incidents in question took place decades ago and involved companies that, for legal purposes, no longer exist. A dogged attorney can often figure out the parties responsible and guide a grieving family toward a path to recover damages.

Source: The Leader-Herald, “Lawsuit claims man died from exposure to asbestos,” Bill Pitcher, March 7, 2013

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