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Recalled Special K could hurt cereal lovers

| Feb 22, 2013 | Products Liability |

A recent product recall by Kellogg’s may lead consumers to pause and think about what products they consume or use on a daily basis and whether or not these products could pose a danger to their health.

Last week Kellogg’s announced a recall of multiple sizes of their Special K Red Berries cereal. The announcement indicated that the affected boxes of cereal could contain small glass fragments. According to a report from CBS, the recalled products include 11.2 ounce packages, 37.0 ounce packages and 22.4 ounce twin packs of the Special K Red Berries cereal. Only packages with certain UPC codes and “best if used before” dates are impacted by the recall.

While it is encouraging to know that companies like Kellogg’s will recall products that could be a danger to consumers, the fact that there are reasons for recalls to happen in the first place can be a scary realization for consumers. It is unclear how the glass shards ended up in the cereal. It is possible that negligence on the part of the manufacturer led to the glass shards and cereal recall.

Luckily, no consumers have reported injuries resulting from ingesting shards of glass in their cereal. However, it is possible that some consumers could still report injuries, since the recall was only announced last week. The possibility of a product harming a consumer is not specific to cereal.

For instance, products like building materials and small appliances that contain harmful substances like asbestos can harm consumers. However, a consumer may not become ill from exposure to asbestos immediately. Years may pass before a person develops symptoms relating to asbestos exposure. Manufacturers may still be held responsible for negative effects of exposure to their asbestos-filled products.

Source: CBS News, “Kellogg’s Special K Red Berries recalled for glass fragments,” Ryan Jaslow, Feb. 20, 2013

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