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Family mourns mother’s death from mesothelioma

| Feb 14, 2013 | Wrongful Death |

Some illnesses arise shortly after a person is exposed to a dangerous substance or situation. However, other illnesses, like mesothelioma, can develop many years after a person is first exposed to asbestos. This was the case for one woman who died from mesothelioma just 10 weeks after being diagnosed with the cancer.

This woman was unknowingly exposed to asbestos nearly every day for about 20 years. Her husband and son both worked at a power station where asbestos dust and fibers gathered on their clothes. Each day, when this woman washed her husband and son’s overalls that were covered with this dangerous dust, she was also exposed to asbestos.

Since her death, this woman’s family received compensation for her wrongful death. The family donated the money they received to the hospice where the woman lived during the last weeks of her life. The woman’s daughter explains that the family was so thankful for the hospice during this difficult time.

When a loved one dies from an illness brought on by exposure to asbestos, family members may feel frustrated that their loved one was ever exposed to harmful chemicals in the first place. If family members learn that their loved one’s death was a result of exposure to chemicals that could have been regulated, family members may want to look into filing a wrongful death claim.

Seeking compensation for a loved one’s death may be difficult, both emotionally and logistically. But, filing a claim with the help of an attorney experienced with wrongful death cases could make the process less stressful and less complicated.

Source: Daily Mail Online, “Grandmother dies from asbestos poisoning after washing her husband and son’s work overalls everyday for 20 years,” Jaymi McCann, Feb. 7, 2013

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