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Famed coliseum under investigation for potential asbestos risk

| Mar 23, 2012 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

The well-known Nassau Coliseum in Nassau County, New York, is currently under investigation for a potential asbestos risk. According to one personal injury attorney who is representing nearly 100 coliseum employees, many people have already suffered the effects of asbestos exposure inside the arena. However, the county continues to operate the coliseum, running popular events and bringing thousands of spectators into the dangerous building.

The Nassau Coliseum is the home of the New York Islanders hockey team, and hosts many additional events such as concerts and circuses. The county, which is the owner and operator of the coliseum, has admitted in the past that there is asbestos in the walls of the arena. However, the county does not appear to be taking any action to remove the asbestos threat and protect its employees and guests.

Several coliseum employees have fallen ill as a result of their asbestos exposure. According to a mesothelioma attorney representing more than 70 coliseum workers, both the illness and the threat of contracting it are affecting employees in a very real way.

“I have clients who have lung cancer,” said the attorney, who reportedly plans to file a federal class action lawsuit against the county. “I have clients who just have the fear. Their fear is the dry cough turns out to be lung cancer from exposure they’ve had from asbestos.”

State officials and OSHA are reportedly investigating the asbestos risk in the coliseum. However, until that investigation is complete, it appears that the county has no intention of closing the coliseum or warning visitors of the risks they face just by walking inside.

Source: CBS, “Inspectors Investigating Asbestos Claims at Nassau Coliseum,” Mar. 24, 2012

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