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Four mesothelioma lawsuits filed in St. Louis

| Feb 8, 2012 | Mesothelioma/Asbestos-Related Illness |

Late last month, four plaintiffs filed four separate mesothelioma lawsuits in St. Louis, each claiming that more than a dozen companies had negligently contributed to the eventual diagnosis of mesothelioma in either the plaintiff or a member of their family.

In all of the asbestos lawsuits, the plaintiffs claim that the defendant companies should have known of the harmful effects of asbestos exposure, but that they negligently failed to exercise reasonable care for the safety of their employees. As a result of that exposure, the plaintiffs claim, the employees and family members developed mesothelioma, causing them to suffer significant physical pain and mental anguish. They also lost large sums of money in the form of medical expenses and lost wages.

The first of the four lawsuits was filed by a woman on behalf of her mother, who developed mesothelioma after working as a laborer, ranch worker, and receptionist at various locations from 1976 to 1992. The woman also claims that her mother was secondarily exposed to asbestos from her husband, who worked as a laborer for several years and often came home with asbestos fibers on his clothing. The woman has named 39 defendant companies in the suit.

The second lawsuit was filed by a woman who alleges that her husband, who worked as a laborer, farmhand and refrigeration pipefitter developed mesothelioma after being exposed to asbestos for several years. She named 16 companies in the suit.

The third suit was filed by a woman against 15 companies who she claims were responsible for her asbestos exposure and ultimate diagnosis of mesothelioma.

The fourth and final suit was filed by two siblings who allege that their father, who recently passed away from lung cancer, was exposed to asbestos for several decades in his course of employment as a drywaller and sheetrocker. The lawsuit named 18 defendant companies.

Source: The Madison Record, “New asbestos case filed in St. Louis circuit court,” Kelly Holleran, Feb. 8, 2012

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