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Asbestos Exposure In Pittsburgh? Mesothelioma Attorneys Are One Call Away.

The city of Pittsburgh is justifiably regarded as one of the pillars of American industrial strength. Citizens of the “steel city” have long been among the most dedicated and productive anywhere. Sadly, many thousands of people who worked in Pittsburgh mills and factories, on construction sites and in other settings were exposed without their knowledge to asbestos fibers that cause mesothelioma and other deadly forms of lung cancer.

If you or a beloved family member has been diagnosed with mesothelioma — or if asbestos-related disease has recently caused a premature death — our law firm will welcome your call to explore legal options. We value the opportunity to talk with you and serve as your Pittsburgh mesothelioma lawyers.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Asbestos Exposure Sites And Potential Defendants

While it is not possible to identify every work site in Pittsburgh where toxic levels of asbestos exposure occurred, the list below may be useful as you consider next steps. Please note that this is not an exhaustive listing, and that you may have a valid claim even if your past employer or suspected exposure location does not appear.


AIRCO, Inc.; Beazer East; Carnegie-Illinois Steel Corp.; Cebor Construction Corp.; Consolidated Comstock Co.; Davy McKee Corp.; DesMoines Iron; Dresser Industries, Inc.; Granite City Steel Co.; International Mill Co.; Irving Works Steel Mill; Ketchum Communications Holding; Martin & Nettrour Contracting


National Valve & Manufacturing; North American Rockwell Corp.; Power Piping Co.; Robert Chambers, Inc.; Sercon Corp.; Sargent Electric Co.; Sersteel Corp.; Spano Painting Company; Standard Box; The Alliance Machine Co; Union Supply Co.; United States Steel Corporation; USX Corporation; Westinghouse Electric Corp.; Yobe Electric, Inc.

Nationwide Mesothelioma Representation, Including Pittsburgh: Asbestos Exposure Attorneys With A Decades-Long Track Record Of Success

Wherever the asbestos exposure that has impacted your life took place, and whoever was responsible, our law firm can be an outstanding resource. Our attorneys and staff will move quickly to determine whether you have a valid claim and drive for results if you do.

For a free case evaluation by a lawyer absolutely committed to seeking just compensation for victims of asbestos disease, call or email our offices now.

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