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Detroit Asbestos Exposure Locations And Potential Plaintiffs

The heavy industrial focus that fueled the growth of Detroit and surrounding areas of Michigan throughout much of the 20th century is well known. Sadly, millions of workers employed in the automotive plants and other factories, power plants, the construction industry and other settings have been exposed to dangerous, sustained levels of asbestos that can cause mesothelioma and other deadly forms of cancer.

Our law firm is an active and accomplished resource for people seeking just financial compensation for illnesses and wrongful death caused by asbestos exposure. This website presents extensive information about our mesothelioma attorneys’ qualifications along with support resources for people harmed by employers’ and manufacturers’ negligence.

Detroit-Area Asbestos Exposure Locations And Potential Defendants

Recognizing that you or your loved one may have been exposed to asbestos in any of a vast range of employment settings, we strive to make information on known high-risk occupations and work sites available. The list below should not be considered exhaustive by any means, but it may validate your concerns and encourage you to explore legal options.


A M P, Inc.; AIAG; Air Khem; American Motors Corporation; Auto Terminal Corp.; Bruno Bertolini; Cerveny Middle School; Chrysler Corp.; Commercial Barge Lines; Denver National Electric; Detroit Edison; Detroit Public School District; Detroit Tiger Stadium; Dewitt Products; Emerson Middle School; FAA; Fruehauf Corp.


General Motors; Grace Hospital; Henry Ford High School; Hutchins Middle School; L A Young Spring & Wire Corp; Main Sheet Metal Works; Marathon Oil; Michigan Boiler & Engineering Co.; Midland Ross Corp.; Minute Man Stuffing; Multiple Service Constructors; New York Central Railroad; Sheller MFG Corp.; Skyline Industrial Services, Inc.; Ternstedt Division of GM; Webb Conveyor; Wolverine Tube

Nationwide Legal Help For Mesothelioma And Other Asbestos Cancer Sufferers

Our lawyers bring together many decades of combined experience pursuing justice for people harmed by negligent employers and product manufacturers. We will value the opportunity to review your potential claim for compensation wherever you were exposed and wherever you currently reside. For a free case evaluation, call 888-362-6890 or contact us online now.

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